Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Offering an employer sponsored retirement plan, like a 401k, 403b, or 457(b), takes time and thoughtfulness. Our more than two decades of experience advising Trustees, Board of Directors, Investment Committees, and Administrators on the best practices of managing an employer sponsored plan helps makes us a preferred partner/advisor to managing retirement plans. Government entities, non-profit organizations, and established companies look to our fiduciary status to provide process and procedures to help ensure the investments offered within the plan are in the best interest of the participants. Customized Investment Policy Statements, tailored participant education, and financial wellness communication to plan participants can create successful employer and participant experiences.


Services Provided to Our Clients

Investment Advisory Services
  • Consultation with Plan Investment Committee
  • Preparation of IPS
  • Periodic Review of IPS
  • Creation of Model Investment Portfolios
  • Analysis of Asset Allocation
  • Recommendations of Specific Investments
  • Preparation of Investment Performance Reports
  • Participant Advice
Education Services
  • Conduct Annual Group Participant Investment Education Meeting
  • Retirement/Investment Committee Education
  • Prepare Investment Committee Meeting Summaries
  • Provide Education Material on the Benefits of Plan Participation
  • Provide Information on Available Investment Alternatives
  • Provide Education on General Investment Concepts
  • Provide Asset Allocation Models
  • Provide Retirement Planning Tools
Plan Consultation Services
  • Conduct Request for Proposals
  • Plan Design Consultation
  • Plan Benchmarking Analysis

Are you a new company looking to start a retirement plan?

One of the most important features to the SECURE Act is the tax credits for new employers to start a 401(k) plan.